Retired Associate Deputy Attorney General Steven H. Cook Appointed to LEO Technologies Advisory Board of Directors

Los Angeles, CA, September 23, 2019 – LEO Technologies, a technology solutions provider for law enforcement, has appointed retired Associate Deputy Attorney General Steven H. Cook to its Advisory Board of Directors. LEO Technologies is the company behind Verus, an artificial intelligence and machine learning system combined with other cutting-edge technologies to pull actionable intelligence from inmate communications for use in investigating and disrupting criminal activity.

The immediate past president of the National Association of Assistant US Attorneys, Mr. Cook served with the US Department of Justice for 33 years. Most recently, Mr. Cook led two of the DOJ’s priority programs—violent crime reduction and strengthening the Department’s relationship with law enforcement. Prior to that assignment, Mr. Cook served in the field as a federal prosecutor for 30 years, handling a wide variety of cases. He also served as the chief of the Criminal Division, overseeing Federal prosecutors in three offices in his district. He received dozens of awards and letters of commendation, including the Director’s Award for Superior Performance in connection with his work prosecuting violent gang members.

“I am excited about joining LEO Technologies because it is an industry leader developing cutting-edge tools to support prosecutors and law enforcement,” Mr. Cook said. “LEO Technologies’ tools will discourage prisoners from using communication devices to engage in criminal activity while incarcerated. At the same time, these tools enhance the ability of law enforcement and prosecutors to gather incriminating evidence.”

Mr. Cook was chosen as one of The Politico’s 50 in 2017 for his work on national criminal justice issues. He has testified multiple times before Congress in connection with proposed criminal justice legislation including bills involving the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and sentencing reform. He has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television programs with regional and national audiences (including the O’Reilly Factor and Sean Hannity Show).

Mr. Cook has also been a frequent panelist on forums and discussion panels (including programs hosted by The Washington PostAtlantic MagazineHastings Law Journal, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judicial Conference). “Whether the prisoner is engaged in drug dealing, human trafficking, or terrorism, LEO Technologies provides the tools necessary to shut them down,” said Mr. Cook. “I’m proud to support their mission.”

LEO Technologies ( is a leading edge provider of technology for the corrections sector and a global partner of Amazon Web Services. Their products include Verus, a system using artificial intelligence to obtain actionable intelligence from inmate communications, and Warden, a technology for detecting smuggled phones. LEO Technologies solutions are in use in metropolitan areas around the country in states such as Alabama, California, and New York and have recently been adopted by the State Departments of Correction for Kansas and Oklahoma.

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