LEO Technologies leverages our partnerships with technology companies to create better products for our clients. Our partnerships with law enforcement and corrections associations develop our networks and expertise in the public safety sector.

Technology Partners

Amazon Web Services

LEO Technologies is proud to be a Global Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through our partnership, our solutions offer near-real time speed and scalability, no matter the size of client agencies and facilities.

Law Enforcement and Corrections Partners

National Sheriffs' Association

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) has been a partner since 2017. LEO Technologies hosted the NSA's technology expo with personnel from around the country, discussing necessary resources, technology and applications options for new information aggregation, and other intelligent policing strategies and processes.

Association of State Correctional Administrators

LEO Technologies supports the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) as a Gold sponsor. We firmly support their mission of excellence in corrections through exceptional leadership, promoting  the corrections profession, and policies and processes that improve public safety.


DeliverFund focuses on combatting human trafficking through technology, training, and support services for victims. Founded by intelligence and military experts, DeliverFund has developed a proprietary human trafficking database and offers courses to law enforcement agencies

Major County Sheriffs

LEO Technologies is a sponsor of the Major County Sheriffs of America, a professional law enforcement association of the largest elected sheriffs’ offices, representing counties or parishes with a population of 500,000 or more. The organization is dedicated to preserving the highest integrity in law enforcement and the elected Office of the Sheriff.

Major City Chiefs

The Major County Chiefs Association (MCCA) is a professional association of chiefs and sheriffs representing the largest cities in the U.S. and Canada, including the 69 largest law enforcement agencies in the United States and the 9 largest in Canada.