Verus: Enhance safety in real time

The leading search and analytics platform for public safety agencies that continuously monitors authorized communications in real time.

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Real-time actionable insights

Verus operates in real time, empowering public safety agencies with actionable insights.


With proven performance across the industry, our cloud-based SaaS solution is designed and engineered to scale to your agency’s needs.

Real time

Analyze authorized correctional facility communications in real time for information to help with agency priorities.

Low touch

Unlock the potential of your data. Our SaaS solution seamlessly integrates with all major communication platforms.

Force multiplier

Improve overall efficiencies and performance, empowering agencies to proactively handle all communications at any scale.


Built by your peers, Verus is designed with LEOs in mind. Our intuitive interface is easy to navigate for quick access to critical information and insights.


Our patented technology delivers superior results in public safety use cases, providing an unparalleled experience for our partners.

Verus in action

Here are some use cases where Verus enhanced safety.

Verus features

Verus empowers your team to make informed decisons and take immediate action.
Here’s how it works.


Fast, accurate, and easy to use. Search through millions of transcripts at sub-second speeds

  • Search by keywords, phrases, and entities or use our advanced search capabilities
  • Filter and drill down into your data for a detailed understanding of the communications taking place
  • Clearly view results via our patented conversational overlays

Continuous Monitoring

Real-time visibility into your communications during an active investigation, emergency situation, or public health crisis

  • Create customized alerts, enabling you to respond quickly and effectively to any situation
  • Monitor communications and isolate what is relevant, enabling you to track developments and identify trends
  • Built-in monitoring and notification management

Link Analysis

Visually identify patterns and connections within your data to better understand complex communication networks

  • Patented graph technology to search communication networks with visual representation
  • Advanced network analysis helps to eliminate irrelevant data and prioritize the most important information for you
  • Accelerate investigations by identifying critical information and uncovering hidden connections within minutes, not months


Easily identify and understand terminology and slang for heightened insight and context

  • Holistic view showing frequency of all lexical categories, terms, and synonyms
  • Ability to modify the Lexicon to fit your jurisdictional needs
  • Stay up to date as new terms and synonyms are uncovered
  • Expand your searches by including related terms and variations

What our customers are saying

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Through LEO’s AI platform Verus, my unit has been able to save valuable time, glean necessary intelligence and protect life. The platform has literally transformed the way we do business.

Commander of Major State Prison Facility

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Verus allows us to focus on what is important. Our Detectives and Intelligence Analysts have saved countless hours listening to jail calls by conducting keyword and/or phrase searches. This software has saved our department a lot of time and money.

Sergeant of Major City Police Department

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Verus has helped to revolutionize intel gathering. Their platform has greatly enhanced the law enforcement community’s ability to quickly hone in on the details that matter quickly without lag and endless hours of having to listen, wait and hope for intel to eventually surface.

Sergeant Sheriff’s Office

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