Georgia Department of Corrections Chooses LeoTech to Combat Criminal Activity

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LOS ANGELES, CA, April 7, 2021—The State of Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) has selected LeoTech as its sole source for phone monitoring transcription services. The selection follows a successful trial for the GDC. 

Facility security, crimes against persons, and gang activity topped the list of incidents captured by LeoTech during a trial of Verus software within the Georgia GDCin 2020. Within 30 days of activation, Verus processed 260,662 phone calls and flagged 33 incidents for investigation, including stimulus check fraud. Verus also flagged evidence that helped in the investigation of a white supremacist gang operating behind bars.

Since March 2020, Verus has monitored more than 7.5 million calls and delivered actionable evidence of criminal activity in 1,612 calls. The AWS natural language processing software embedded in Verus indicated the most frequent topics discussed among inmates and their outside sources that focused on weapons, contraband, cell phones, threats to inmates, gangs, homicides, assaults, and suicide.

“We built LeoTech to provide law enforcement with the best tools to counter criminal activity,” CEO Scott Kernan said. “Investigators leverage the information Verus collects and help prison systems shut down criminal activity that threatens inmates, staff, and surrounding communities.”

Built on the AWS platform, Verus is delivered as a cloud-based application, requiring no infrastructure changes for installation while also allowing for scalability to institution size or call volume. AWS Natural Language Processing (NLP) supports non-biased phone call analysis and transcription, enabling keyword-based searches and alerts. AWS Translation allows for immediate toggling between Spanish transcripts and English translations.

Verus is the only solution currently available on the market that offers continuous monitoring of phone calls and near real-time notifications on words that signal criminal intent. Its customizable law enforcement-oriented lexicon can be easily updated per location. In addition, Verus provides secured hosting of transcriptions through CJIS-compliant server hosting services.

Machine learning technology, together with investigative expertise, helps the system build out the keywords that Verus uses to identify crime, including slang and code words common among criminals, even on a hyper-local basis. “Our investigators have extensive knowledge of trends,” Kernan said. “Our technology leverages information faster and allows us to adapt to evolving scenarios and understanding of local slang. This in turn, results in better intelligence. This capability was a must-have for GDC, and we’re proud to support them.”

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