LeoTech Partners with Deliverfund to Fight Human Trafficking

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LOS ANGELES, CA, February 4—LeoTech, a Los Angeles-based company providing technology to the corrections and law enforcement sector, has announced a partnership with the nonprofit DeliverFund to fight human trafficking.

Verus, developed by LeoTech, is a cloud-based software installed on top of phone systems within correctional and detention facilities. It automatically downloads, analyzes, and transcribes all recorded calls from inmates and detainees, proactively flags them for review, and provides immediate actionable intelligence in near real-time to investigators and correctional staff.

“The ability to search for keywords and set automated alerts gives Verus its power,” notes CEO Scott Kernan. “We’ve encountered criminals brazenly using jail phone systems to conduct sex trafficking crimes from behind bars. Keyword alerts have helped investigators uncover criminal conspiracies and take victims to safety.”

DeliverFund focuses on combatting human trafficking through technology and training, and through support services for victims. Founded by intelligence and military experts, DeliverFund has developed a proprietary human trafficking database and offers courses to law enforcement agencies. “The market for human trafficking is growing,” notes Michael Fullilove, Chief of Operations for DeliverFund. “It puts more than $975 million in the pockets of human traffickers every year. The epidemic is growing and it’s impacting neighborhoods around the country.”

LEO Technologies’ solutions are in use in metropolitan areas around the country and in states such as Alabama, California, and New York and have recently been adopted by the state Department of Corrections in Oklahoma. Verus has played a critical role in criminal investigations, such as the high-profile cases of Cupcake McKinney and Aniah Blanchard.

“Our missions overlap when it comes to the fight against human trafficking,” Kernan says. “We’re proud to support DeliverFund and their work to end this terrible trade.”

LeoTech is a leading-edge provider of technology for the corrections and law enforcement sectors. The company, a partner of Amazon Web Services, has recently been named to the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency. 

To schedule an interview with Mr. Scott Kernan, contact LeoTech at [email protected] or 310.526.3890