Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Geared to Further Promote Safety with DOJ Grant

LEO Technologies Congratulates LPSP

Lafayette, LA, February 24, 2020 – The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) in Louisiana has received generous grant support from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Gulf States Regional Law Enforcement Technology Assistance Initiative for implementation of LEO Technologies’ Verus solution. Since 2018, LPSO has used Verus—a sophisticated, cutting-edge platform that integrates into correctional phone systems and programatically converts calls into searchable transcripts—to reduce crime, drug trafficking, and sex trafficking, and identify mental health issues while also improving officer and inmate safety.

LPSO has a mission of maintaining social order under ethical, constitutional, and legal guidelines. LPSO centers manage three correctional and re-entry facilities. With approximately 850 committed public servants, LPSO serves the people of Lafayette Parish under the leadership of the 27th Sheriff of Lafayette Parish, Mark T. Garber. Sheriff Garber began his career as a commissioned deputy in Acadia Parish. He served with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the city of Arlington, Texas, before transitioning into a civilian Special Agent, Criminal Investigator position for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and later a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in the New York City field office.

Through the BJA Gulf States Regional Law Enforcement Technology Assistance Initiative, LPSO will continue using LEO Technologies’ Verus to address LPSO’s mission and functions. The initiative supports resources and technology which reduce crime and illegal drug trafficking, and promote officer and inmate safety, to law enforcement jurisdictions within the five Gulf States (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas).

LEO Technologies’ Verus solution has aided LPSO’s mission since 2018, helping to promote safer facilities and a safer community, and support Lafayette Parish law enforcement. By gathering, analyzing, and sharing near real-time intelligence on suspicious inmate phone call conversations, Verus has supported LPSO’s attention to and awareness of inmate mental health, drug rehabilitation, sex trafficking, and criminal activity. The Verus solution squarely addresses the Initiative’s investment in supporting LPSO’s focus on reducing crime and improving officer safety in the Lafayette Parish community.

“We are so pleased to see LPSO win this grant,” said Scott Kernan, CEO of LEO Technologies. “LPSO has been a pilot user of Verus since 2018. This grant awarded by BJA allows LPSO to continue working toward a safer community and safer correctional facility conditions for inmates and staff alike, while reducing crime levels across the board.”

Thanks to the Initiative’s new grant award, LPSO will continue its use of LEO Technologies’ Verus solution to uphold its commitment to serve and protect the community. As Kernan noted on the collaboration between LEO Technologies and LPSO, “LEO Technologies looks forward to continuing to provide cutting-edge solutions like Verus to LPSO and contributing to LPSO’s mission of promoting local and national safety.”

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