The Warden Solution is a mobile application designed to locate cell phones possessed by persons of interest in the community. It is also available as a fixed installation designed to find illicit cell phones inside a correctional facility and depict it on a graphic user interface (GUI).

The Warden Solution is a unique solution to combat smuggled cellular devices in correctional facilities.  Inmates use these devices to coordinate criminal activity outside the prison walls or even inside the prison itself.  Traditional jamming systems and even protocol based jamming methods have proven inefficient in denying cellular services inside prisons.

Key Features

Fixed Installation

Mobile Application

Location Detection

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Identify Markers & Locations

How Warden Works

The fixed installation is designed to find illicit cell phones inside an entire secure or correctional facility and depict the identifying markers and locations of the phones on a computer screen using a graphic user interface (GUI).

Warden is a multi-use solution that complies with all Federal and State telecommunications laws.

The portable mobile application can locate illicit cellphones inside a portion of a correctional facility and can be moved throughout the facility. Law enforcement personnel can also take Warden in a vehicle in order to locate phones of suspects or lost persons.

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