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LeoTech is proud to be in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

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Benefits of AWS

Our scalable search and analytics platform, Verus, is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here’s what that means for our public safety partners.

Ease of integration

Verus is delivered via Amazon Cloud Services, requiring no major infrastructure changes for installation. The system is designed to easily embed within your existing correctional facility phone infrastructure, allowing for a simplified integration and training process. Future updates, software changes, and enhancements are all readily available with minimal to no interruption to daily use.


Developed on Amazon Cloud Services, Verus is designed and equipped to scale with any correctional institution or agency of any size. We can scale to facility population, call volume, or number of phones needed to be monitored. The system does not limit or charge per licensed user.

Non-biased phone call analysis & transcription

Verus provides near real-time transcriptions, with keyword-based searches and alerts enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). Built on AWS Natural Language Processing (NLP), Verus is based on objective data: what words are being said and how they are said by focusing on frequency, volume, and tone. In other words, Verus keeps track of the spoken words, not the speaker.


Using AWS Translation technology, Verus users can toggle between Spanish transcripts and their English translations, which take slang and regional dialects into account. Using machine learning (ML) and AI, Verus will be able to expand to more languages as they are introduced into the system.

More about AWS

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