LEO Technologies has developed a Speech-to-Text system called LEO Verus. It is patent-pending, state-of-the-art, proprietary, automated phone recording transcription system which utilizes software and provides subject matter experts (i.e. service) to Law Enforcement Organizations so they can more easily disrupt criminal operations within correctional facilities and determine whether mentally ill inmates need immediate assistance.  LEO Technologies utilizes multiple pieces of Amazon Web Service (AWS) software as part of the LEO Verus system and has been deemed a Global Partner of AWS.

The LEO Technologies LEO Verus produces near real-time intelligence from inmate phone calls, based on keywords and phrases.  It automatically downloads, analyzes, and transcribes all recorded inmate calls, proactively flagging them for review

How LEO Verus works

LEO Verus is a user friendly automated solution built upon human law enforcement expertise.  It is a searchable, model-driven analytical processing software that provides searches, reports, and intelligent notifications to potential criminal events.  The end result is a more efficient action model for the Law Enforcement community.

  • LEO Verus is automated. Calls are monitored and flagged automatically using three proprietary pathways.
  • LEO Verus is fast. Calls are downloaded and analyzed in a matter of seconds. Authorities have real-time intelligence that can save lives and solve crimes.
  • LEO Verus is objective. Technology removes the subjective human element. No implicit bias, no racial profiling—LEO Verus simply analyzes and reviews content of the calls themselves.

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