A very user-friendly system that allows recorded calls to be searched without anyone having to first listen to the call and transcribe it.
• Like Google searching the contents of all recorded data
• Downloads and transcribes all recordings automatically
• Narrows results down to exactly what the user is looking for.
• Saves time of listening to entire call for a very small piece of the conversation.
• Works for all phone calls, visiting conversations, iPad visits, booking phones… any downloaded recording
• Currently working on facial recognition and object recognition (guns, dope, etc.)

How S2T works

1. S2T continuously monitors inmate phone calls.
2. Investigators enter keywords to flag calls for review, retrieving actionable intelligence in near real-time. Calls from inmates known to investigators may also be flagged.
3. Flagged phone calls identify precursors to criminal events or evidence to help solve existing cases.

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